The Chapter That Almost Wasn't.
Spirit Test by Dave Mackey

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The Secret Chapter of Spirit Test this web page is not dedicated to an entire book, but to a chapter of Spirit Test that never made it into print. Read on just a little bit and you will understand why, and hopefully even agree, that it is time for me to share this incredible experience with my readers.

Let me start by saying that I am deeply indebted to the litany of editors that help me paste, tape, and Band-Aid together my book, Spirit Test. As any proud author, I cringed at many of their corrections and squirmed visibly at their alterations.

On one such occasion, I was especially conflicted when Deb, my primary editor, asked me to dump the entire chapter, "An uninvited guest." To be honest, I kind of saw this "edit suggestion" coming. Most of the chapters in the book seem very plausible, and as the author and the one who experienced the phenomena, I understood why this chapter might have to go. This chapter is not only hard for the reader to accept, but honestly, it was hard for me to write. It just didn't fit. I know me very well. I may be a bit odd, but I'm not a kook.

There was only one problem... it really happened!

The first (and only) tenet of doing a "Spirit Test"' is to ask, be open-minded, and don't rationalize away the result you get, positive or negative. I would be breaking my own rule if I did not share "An uninvited guest."

For some inexplicable reason this chapter poured out of me. I'm getting the distinct feeling that I'm supposed to stop typing, move out of the way, and let it be.

The Universe can be so pushy sometimes!

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