An Unexpected Guest

Like most authors, I had a general plan for this book. I roughed out a chapter outline; I knew what I wanted to cover. Pretty much, anyway. But, as with most of my plans along this spiritual quest, the Universe had other ideas. I was in the middle of writing a completely different chapter when I was suddenly bludgeoned with a very strong desire to write this. If I'd learned anything-and if I was going to practice what I preach-then I knew I should go for it. Even if the idea is, well, a bit odd. "Spirit Test" is all about being open minded and taking chances. And we're going for a wild ride down the Snake River Canyon with this one.

I was sitting at my kitchen table, wearing a green robe and sipping coffee, when I was seized with an urge to take a shot at talking with God. Yes, The Grand Poobah himself. Or herself. Whatever. I will not make any editorial comments regarding the legitimacy of the conversation that follows. I had no idea what to expect, nor any idea where it would lead. But it occurred to me that if author Neale Donald Walsch can have a dialogue with God, then why can't I? Why can't anyone? As part of my spirit test, I owed it to myself to see where this rather radical experiment would take me. Here's what happened.

Me: I don't know where this is heading, but as part of my spirit test, I am going to try to talk with, um, God. Here goes:

God: Why do you say it like you're embarrassed to talk with Me? Afraid of what people will think? (The first thoughts that enter my mind. I type quickly to keep up.)

Me: Pretty much. Who is going to believe that I am actually talking with the Almighty. I don't even believe it! Why should others?

God: What do you care about what others think? You have written that you are a piece of God. David Mackey is a piece of God! Do you not think this might ruffle some feathers? Ask yourself: Why do you not believe? Are you not worthy of a conversation with Me? Are the other souls I've spoken to more worthy than you? Better than you? More deserving than you? I tell you, everyone is worthy to hear My voice in its many forms.

It's not a problem of Me talking to all of you, but one of you allowing yourselves to hear Me. However, this is how I have made it, so I will not complain. I created you to be questioning beings-not merely sycophants to your thoughts. With your ability to think came your ability to choose, to question, and if your choice is not to talk to Me or to hear Me, then this is OK. Our relationship is still working as planned. But as I have said, I have spoken to each and every one of you-many times in fact; your mind has simply rationalized it away.

Me: Uhm, I feel stupid doing this. I'm sitting at my table trying to have a conversation with God.

God: You are having a conversation with God, but this time I gave you the idea to write it down. Don't worry about who will believe you; I can already tell you that most people - including your family, will not believe in our communication. But there will be some who will be helped - even inspired - to do the same after reading our words.

Me: Ok. If this really is God, I'd like some God-like answers to a few questions.

God: Before you begin, know that even if this was an internal conversation between you and your mind, it would still be a communication that included Me. We are one in the same. You alluded to it earlier yourself, so don't back away from what you know to be Truth. I am you and you are Me; the mind you think with is the same mind that creates all and connects us all. It's one of the ways your soul communicates with Me.

Me: I don't mean to be disrespectful, but you interrupt a lot.

God: You are a fast thinker, David. I am simply communicating at the speed which best suits this dialogue. Plus, you still do not believe that you are talking with God. You don't have enough faith, and you ask for too many outward signs of my presence.

Me: I am slow to believe things that aren't obvious. Time-tested. Scientifically proven. I think most people are like this.

God: I don't buy that and neither do you. You have longed believed that your house was haunted by invisible, scientifically unproven non-time-tested entities. Your current path to spirituality cannot be calculated or bar-charted - yet I know that you believe that spirituality exists. You are just now beginning to have faith. That is why you are sitting down and having this conversation - though the candles were not needed.

Me: I thought they would set the atmosphere.

God: Candles, music, hot tubs, places of worship are never needed to speak and hear My words. Now go ahead and ask your questions.

Me: I'll try to ask something that I don't know - something not specific to me. Ok. What is love?

God: Good question, but the answer is fairly obvious. Love is God. Feeling love is the feeling of Godliness. It is from love that you were created, and it will be love to which you will eternally return. I created you with love, and it is your soul's greatest desire to feel and give love. It's your life's quest to attract and give away as much love as you can. Immersed in love, everything is possible, I tell you that all you want or will ever need must come from love. Love is Heaven. Heaven is not a place - but you already knew that.

Me: People are going to think that that last paragraph was stolen from Neile Donald Walsch's book. I don't want Mr. Walsch to think that I am a plagiarizer.

God: There are no copyrights on Truths. Can't you think that God is being consistent, instead of thinking yourself a thief? Don't you see that this is one of the problems facing mankind? More than you realize, every time that you think, or do, or try to do something different, something someone might not agree with, you criticize yourself for it - or worse, you don't create it at all! As you know, and are now afraid to type because of what our friend Mr. Walsch will think, it all comes down to creation. To not create because of what someone might think is a travesty. I created you to experience Me. You are creating now to experience who you are. You have to create to grow. There is nothing right or wrong about what you are doing, you just are. Don't over analyze it. Try to live your life unaffected by the prejudices and opinions of others.

Me: Do people generally think too much?

God: Absolutely, but in your defense, this is the way I made you. If you didn't think, you'd never get anywhere. You have to think to create. You have to create to become who you are supposed to be. However I didn't put a limit to how much you could or should think, to do so would have been to alter your eventual reality.

I never tamper with freewill. As you and many others have written, people get lost in their own thoughts; this is the primary reason they cannot hear Me. You must learn to quiet these beautiful thoughts of yours. You can love them and bless them, but gently guide them past you so you can receive true inspiration from Me and many other kind souls who wish to help you along your path.

Quiet your mind and listen to the inner voice that has guided you your entire life. It is the voice that told you not to start smoking. It is the voice that tells you that stealing is wrong. It is the voice that leads to the greater good of your society. It will never make you feel bad about yourself - those are your thoughts - negative ideas inspired by untruths which you have been taught since you were old enough to learn. Your inner voice is your higherself, or soul, and it only cares about giving and receiving love. Hush the negative thoughts you have and let nothing but love fill the empty spaces.

Me: Last question Mr. God, Sir.

God: You are funny, David.

Me: Is it true that I can have anything I want if I place my thoughts on it?

God: You will be surprised that you are writing this, but no, you cannot have everything you put your mind to. For one thing, your mind desires hundreds of things a day, whether you are conscious of it or not. To grant you all that you think of would lessen the value of everything that came into your life. An example of this would be someone who tells you that they love you 20 times a day - after a while, the love may still be real, but the sentiment can lose meaning if overused. Being too much "in love" is generally not a bad thing, I am just using an example that is close to your experience.

To get back to your question, "Can I have anything I want if I place my thoughts on it?" The key to getting what you want is this:

Live life like you already have what you want. The Universe knows only to give abundance; scarcity doesn't exist in an infinite Universe. Keep your thoughts under your control. Keep the energy level of any thought high enough, and it will come to you. This is a Universal Law. Watch your thoughts like you would watch your children. Support them, encourage big dreams, bring the higher energy of love to every decision you make, and the life your soul yearns for will be.

Me: Wow. I kind of like that last line.

God: What do you expect from God? I will always be near. Never be afraid of talking with Me or what people will think. The people who don't understand this are not as far down the path as you are. Know and rejoice that our little conversation here will be believed by few but will be heard by many.

Me: I know I said that the previous question would be my last, but can you tell me about my father. Is he still, well, around?

God: I don't want to ruin your spirit testing or the end of your book. Even if you do not quite know how it will end, I do. Know that the soul never dies. Nothing truly dies, but simply changes form. Your physical body will die and has actually done so several times while you've been in it, but your soul is eternal. Your soul yearns to express itself through love; this is why it has chosen to incarnate at this time. To create is to experience, this is your soul's higher purpose. The soul you know as your father is alive and well, and is constantly by your side. Every time you have a thought of him, know that he is there. You have seen the signs, and I am glad that you no longer ask for more physical signs of his beingness. You now have what you would call a "knowing" that he is with you. You didn't have to ask the question. The tingles that are running through your body now -

Me: Yes. I can feel them.

God: That is your father's way of saying "hello" to authenticate the truth of what we are speaking about. The love between you and your dad is strong, and these strong emotional feelings help clear a communicative path to your consciousness. And yes, you are now thinking "Will I ever be with him again?" You have never stopped being with him, you've simply stopped seeing him, having dinner with him and playing tennis with him, but the love between you two has never stopped. Remember, all souls are eternal, and that goes for your father's as well. Consider him only one thought away at all times. You're tired of writing about love, but know that it is the link that connects every soul that has ever lived to one another. In your terms, love is the network that allows all communications to take place. Love is like the Internet. You are connected to millions, yet are unaware of each individual connection. It's the same way with the Universe, just multiply the number of individual connections by trillions.

Me: Last question, I promise: Are there such things as Angels?

God: Why the last question? I understand that this communication with Me is not the emphasis of this book, and you still have doubts. Your thoughts on this subject are crowding me. Quiet your mind and ask the question again silently.

Me: [I do.]

God: The answer is yes, but not as you imagine them. Angels are not winged cherubs or giant glowing men with wings, as depicted in your scriptures. Angels are the kindly, giving, loving souls who seek to help and aid others. Angels don't simply exist after physical death, Angels always exist. You are an Angel, your friend Max is an Angle, your father was and is an Angle. Understand this: Everyone, at times, is an Angel. An Angel is not a "thing." It's what you are when you let love flow freely. Being "angelic" is a better way for you to understand the idea. When you are living at your highest level-what some call "self-actualized," when the wellbeing of others takes the steering wheel of your life moment by moment, then you are living an "angelic life." All souls, at times, are Angels.

Me: Hmmm. You have given me much to think about.

God: Stop thinking. Feel. You already know these answers. Everyone does. Doubt is your primary adversary in getting what you desire. I'm telling you that you can never fail at anything; your success should never be in question. You may doubt yourself, but this will only lead to an inner frustration. Frustration is not necessary.

I can tell that you want this spontaneous part of your book to conclude, so I will quiet down for the moment and let you concentrate on writing about Synchronicity. Synchronicity, you should note, is a mental and physical sign that someone is getting closer to Me. Closer to Godliness.

Me: Uh, Ok. That was interesting...