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Dave Mackey often finds himself the frequent target of paranormal/spiritual shenanigans and is developing a series of inspirational books and videos based on his findings with Spirit Test.
Spirit test by Dave Mackey
Spirit Test

I'm usually the last person to take on a challenge. Believe me, I'm not the guy you want mowing your lawn or taking on a project that requires a chainsaw. Yet, when it comes to exploring some of life's deeper and often darker mysteries, I like to think that I have the perfect resume for the job,
as you will see...

At age 40, I pried myself from the couch, wiped the potato chip crumbs from my lap, and set forth to see if there was more to this life experience (and more to me) than I was aware of. I wasn't about to draw any conclusions based on faith alone. I needed to experience, or to not experience, to know for sure what was out there. Before I could allow my mind to latch on to certain truths about life, love, death, fate, ghosts and God, I needed to see some proof. In the immortal words of Tom Cruise's ethically-challenged character, Jerry Maguire, I needed someone or something to "Show me the money!"    Spirit Test is the report of my findings.

No one was more surprised than I was, when my spirit tests actually worked! My metaphysical tinkering put in motion elemental forces that brought with them humorous ghostly encounters, elevated intuition, mysterious synchronistic messages, and a deeper clarity about my place in this uncertain universe. And though I hadn't consciously planned it, Spirit Test is also a book about healing, and restoring the connection that ultimately heals all. Whether you know it or not, at this very moment someone or something is reaching out to you; this book might just help you find it.

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A breadcrumb path for the transcendentally challenged.

What Readers Are Saying About Spirit Test

Funny, moving and so interesting ; A GREAT READ!

I loved this book and loved that I was reading the entire book with a smile on my face and many times I actually laughed out loud. I found the subject matter fascinating, and Dave Mackey's experiences resonated so clearly. He has a wonderful way of expressing his thoughts, and his experiences and his chapters on spirituality and synchronicity were refreshing.

For those of us who have never been satisfied or comforted by traditional, organized religion this book was a breath of fresh air!! It was great read that I couldn't put down, I am a slow reader and often fall asleep when I read -but not this time! I am now trying some of the tests Dave mentions in his book and I am already seeing results! .


Best Book Ever!

I have heard about this book for a long time now and I have not been able to get my hands on it. When I noticed this on Amazon for such a great price. I had to have it! I love the book and I can relate in so many ways! This is not about ghost and goblins. This is about YOU and how you can change your thoughts and way of thinking and realize there is more to life. What a easy read and awesome author!


Inspiring Book

I loved this book!!! It was very inspiring to me. It was funny, interesting and hard to put down. The author is a great story teller. He taught me new things, he opened my eyes to new ideas, and he helped me grow a lot spiritually. He made it seem so easy, and natural to do these "spirit tests", I look forward to trying my own. I recommend this book to anyone that wants to read a great book, one that you want to keep reading the next chapter, and not put it down. Also one that is guaranteed to make you laugh.


The Gateway To A New You!

"Spirit Test" is an incredible book! Ten times better than "talking to Heaven", for Dave, the author, emphasizes that he is just like you and me, and not some psychic-medium, even though he might be turning into one. I am a slow reader, but his book was so interesting that I read it in one breath. I would compare Dave's writing to that of Dan Brown when it comes to his skill of keeping the reader curious and interested. What is even more important is the transformation that I underwent after reading the book. It helped me cope with the loss of a loved one, but it also helped me to take steps in finding answers, and not just accepting the void left by the passing of a loved one. I now agree that the Law of Attraction is real, and those who have passed away are, indeed, giving us signs.

If you miss a loved one who has passed, or want to learn how to appreciate life, read "Spirit Test".


4 Thumbs Up!

Knowing Dave Mackey as a college roommate, I must admit I was skeptical when I picked up Spirit Test. Being a supportive friend, I thought I'd amuse Dave by reading his book; that's what friends do, after all. But, as I've since told him, on the night that I finished reading the book -- which I found to be very interesting, compelling and, believe it or not, convincing -- I spooked myself by twice dreaming about my deceased maternal grandfather. Both times I had visions of my grandfather standing next to me on the same side of a chain-link fence looking out at something, but I can't remember what; and we talked about something, but I can't remember what. All I remember is that I felt at ease as he put his large hand over mine (I was a child in the dream) and he looked down at me and smiled.

As I told Dave, I had not thought about my grandfather for years, had never had a dream about him, and have no memory of the scenario I describe actually happening while he was alive (as I thought it might have just been a memory). When I awoke, and I'm reluctant to acknowledge this fact, I felt the same tingling through my body that Dave mentions in the book after he's just communicated with spirits.

~Shawn Murphy (Plattsburgh, NY United States)

5.0 out of 5 stars EXCELLENT READ!

A good friend recently gave me this book as a gift, and I promptly devoured it over a matter of 2 days. I have read hundreds of books on similar topics and what I found refreshingly different about Spirit Test is that author Dave Mackey keeps things very real, very friendly and down-to-earth. Gotta appreciate that.

Throughout this book, Dave put the Spirit World repeatedly to the test and then stood back and allowed himself to be open to receive communication in return, leaving personal expectations at the door.

This book includes some very funny moments along that journey, as well as some that are deeply touching and will just blow your mind with the amount of synchronicity that took place.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone who is seeking answers about "what comes next" after we leave this physical existence.

~Dawn Jones "Intuitive Consultant" (Illinois, USA)

If you enjoyed "The Secret" You will LOVE this book!

The author "Dave Mackey" has written a book that is as difficult to put down, as was "The Secret". If you ever had an animal, friend, or family member that has "passed on" and felt their presence in a "weird way" this book is perfect, and not like any other that I have come accross. This book is written in a clear way in which I felt the author speaking as a friend telling me about his REAL Story, that once I picked it up, I could not put it down.

If you are one of those people "who get it" or WANT to "Get It" I highly suggest this book. For those of you who are jaded, and non-believers only you will be able to answer this question. More than likely, you are the ones that did not care for "The Secret" either

Thank you Dave Mackey for writing such an incredible book that has been greatly enjoyed by me, along with my friends and co-workers that I have passed it on to as a must read.

This is a subject that I would have written about, if I had the time and talent to relay my stories, in an easy and fun way, along with taking "The Spirit Test" to see if I was nuts or if other people have experienced the same weird things, but are afraid they will be called crazy if you talk about it.

Just Looking at the cover of this book, told me that I would be drawn to it. The illustrator tells a story, that if you look at it, you will know if you will like this book or not. I know this was the main reason that pulled me in to purchase this, and how happy I am that I did so.

Great summer read and I look for more from this author.