Who The Heck Is
Dave Mackey?

A mild-mannered, rational thinking man, whose purpose is to learn more about the ethereal world that goes bump-in-the-night and to somehow harness this mystical power to rule (or entertain) the world.

I Think I'm Dave Mackey...

Is it possible to communicate with the dead? Receive Divine Guidance?
I, Dave Mackey, poster-child for mediocrity, was determined to find out.

By conducting a series of "spirit tests," I hoped to get some answers to these and other worldly mysteries. No one was more surprised than me, when the spirit tests actually worked! Apparently my metaphysical tinkering put in motion elemental forces that brought with them inner peace, elevated intuition, humorous ghostly encounters, synchronistic messages, and a deeper clarity about my place in this uncertain universe. And though I hadn't consciously planned it, Spirit Test also became a book about healing and restoring the connection that ultimately heals all.

I invite you to laugh with me (or at me) as you join me for an adventure packed with curiosities, one that began as soon as you started reading these words because, whether you know it or not, at this very moment someone or something is reaching out to you; my book might just help you find it.

Dave Mackey is a humorist trapped inside the body of a father, writer, explorer, musician and philosopher. He lives noisily in Nashua, NH with his wife Kathy.